WELCOME to The Children’s Place Preschool!

We would like to share some general information about our program.

The goal of The Children’s Place Preschool:

To provide a loving Christian environment that fosters:

  • Competence and Self-Esteem: Children have opportunities to explore and discover facts about their world in a manner that encourages success.
  • Socialization: Children learn to work within the group in a cooperative effort that encourages respect and concern for the rights of others as well as themselves.
  • Language Development: Children have many opportunities to formulate ideas and present them to others, building their vocabulary and understanding for the meaning of words.
  • Physical Growth: Through fine and gross motor activities and experiences, children enhance and refine motor abilities.
  • Respect for individual differences: Children are encourage to proceed on a given task at her/his level of ability.

All children learn by doing, our goals for the children are based on their natural pattern of growth and development.